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  • Niki B. mother of 3, used Iaso® Tea: “I gave in and got a week supply of tea and oh my word I was hooked.”
  • Talinthia (Mother of two), used Iaso® Tea, NutraBurst, and NRG: “My original plan was to help my daughter lose weight, but I realized I was the one that really needed to lose the weight more than ever.”
  • Jason B, father of two, used Iaso® Tea, Resolution Drops, Life Drops, and NRG: “After I started my TLC journey and I wasn’t scared at all and I am down 105 pounds now …”
  • Linda F. (Married/Teacher) used Iaso® Tea, Resolution Drops, Delgada, and NRG: “I was fat and exhausted from teaching special education students all day. The last thing I had the energy to do was to come home and take care of my 3 grandsons. Now, I come home, cook, play, and enjoy spending quality time with my family on a daily basis.”


Select 10 products from the TLC "Product Guide" or "Top Five Product Guide" that most interests you.

Product Catalog

A complete Product Catalog featuring the entire portfolio of TLC’s Health and Wellness products in high resolution. The TLC product line includes an array of wellness solutions developed to help people look and feel their best, including Weight Loss Supplements, Healthy Coffee blends, Nutritional Vitamins, Skin & Hair Care, and products infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Top 5 Product Guide

An explanation of our core values that shapes why we do what we do and a simple guide for maintaining our visual brand.



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