Franchise Business Coach CV

June 19, 2021

Alonna Veronica Truitt

3851 N 28th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85016

Denny’s – Operations & Training

Remote NM  

Dear Denny’s Talent Acquisition Department,

I am interested in further exploring the Franchise Business Coach role posted on the official Denny’s website. I believe my skills are an excellent match for this position. My background is in Information Science and Arts (B.A.) and Applied Mathematics with a Probability and Statistics focus (B.S.) from the University of Arizona. I am also pursuing a masters in Business Analytics from a private university.

Proficiency has been demonstrated through the development of audits, budgets, lesson plans, presentations, programs and applications, forecasting reports, policy manuals, alpha and beta testing, strategic business plans, analytical data models and presentations for companies such as KBVS (2017-20), AssetMark (2016-18), Park City Mathematics Institute (2016), Freire Freedom School (2016), University of Arizona (2016) and Aflac (2015).

My experience as an instructor, mentor, tutor, presenter and trainer has allowed scholars and professionals to thrive when I collaborated with organizations such as KBVS (2017-20), AssetMark (2016-18), Executive Inn and Suites (2012-13), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. (2012-17), iCouldBe (2012-15), Blue Chip Leadership Experience (2009-16) and 10 educational institutions. Moreover, my knowledge of programming languages, database management systems, and development platforms, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, has helped me implement and/or manage more than 15 successful projects.

Accuracy, growth mindset, time management and solution-oriented approaches are valued in favor of completing designated tasks and enhancing processes. Examples of awards I have been presented from these efforts include AssetMark – Innovator of the Month (2018, 2017), AssetMark – Top in Accuracy (2017 x2) and Blue Chip Leadership Experience – Core Value Award: Integrity (2016).

3+ years of development, modification, and/or configuration support of applications, enhancements and programs in addition to 5+ years of research and analysis have been conducted through partnerships with KBVS (2017-20), AssetMark (2016-18), PCMI (2016), University of Arizona (2016), Aflac (2015) and Shiekh Shoes (2012).

Prior employers would describe me as an enthusiastic, dedicated and results-driven leader. Past colleagues best describe me as a reliable, professional, outstanding and inclusive collaborator. Other applicable skills and qualities include:

  • Denny’s Server Scorecard Rating for B.A.D.A. (Beverages, Appetizers, Desserts, Add-ons:
    • #1 as of 6/11/2021 with 158.8%
    • #2 as of 6/17/2021 with 157.6% 
  • Thriving in all environments with integrity and easily adapting to change
  • Being goal-oriented, teachable, coachable and a quick learner
  • A work ethic that has influenced the adjustment of multiple production and team goals
  • Confidently asking clarification questions to ensure each objective is completed with excellence
  • Availability to work weekends, holidays, days, and evenings
  • Ability to travel frequently (up to 90%), including overnight stays and airline travel when applicable

I truly enjoyed my past roles and am appreciative for the ways I was able to develop my communication, programing, analytical and forecasting skills. However, I felt it is best to transition into a role that allows me to continue to learn, grow, collaborate and provide massive value to the organization for longevity.

Obtaining full-time, permanent employment with an organization committed to its customers, services and products truly resonates with me. Since being employed as a Server / Hostess with Denny’s, I have experienced many great things in regards to the culture and opportunities employees have to improve their skill sets and knowledge. I would be proud to serve on behalf of Denny’s Corporate because the company embraces diversity, reliability, persistence, collaboration, excellence, quality, care and integrity. 

My contact is (310) 894-0528 (mobile) and I welcome you to connect in order to discuss the position, my qualifications and the next steps in the recruitment process. 

Best Regards,

Alonna Veronica Truitt

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