Frankincense Essential Oil (Sourced In Somalia)

  • Sweet, clean, penetrating, wood scent
  • Popular component of massage oil, ideal for promoting feelings of soothed soreness
  • Supports the sense of clearer breathing


Known locally in Somalia as Dhidin or Maydi, “The king of all frankincense.” One of the luxuries of the scent world, frankincense is non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and a nonirritant. In ancient Egypt, it was relied upon for centuries as a rejuvenating face mask and has been used as incense in Asia and the Middle East since ancient times. Now found in an array of colognes, soaps, and pharmaceuticals, and is sought to support inflammation, for calming and as a mood-lifting agent. Steam distillation cleanly delivers the frankincense essential oil blend for aromatherapy from the leafy shrub’s gum resin, yielding an intense scent with warm undertones.

Size: .5 oz (15ml)


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